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Abe Brown, MBA

Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Coach, Multi-Platform Entrepreneur

Stephen Corcoran

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Online Conversion Specialist


What You'll Learn In This Exclusive MASTERCLASS:
1. HOW TO Elevate Your Influence,
2. HOW TO Expand Your Impact,
3. HOW TO Grow Your Income

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Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is known as the Coach’s Coach, and is a Multi-Industry Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International  Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach.  He is also the President of the Certified Coaches Federation, the CEO of Wellness Innovate Corp, and the CEO of Momentum Coaching.

Abe does Leadership and Executive Coaching, and works with organizations globally around high performance, leadership development,  strategic planning, and workplace wellness. 

Abe has trained thousands of Life and Executive Coaches, and has also coached and trained thousands of entrepreneurs and executive leaders at all levels. He has been a professional speaker for over two decades, having spoken professionally in 4 continents and over 20 countries around the world to diverse audiences up to tens of thousands.

Prior to his current roles, Abe successfully led and turned around several multi million-dollar businesses that were struggling by driving cultural and operational transformation involving hundreds of employees.  Abe has also spent several years as a non-profit executive and CEO. 


Here is just a few people I have had the pleasure of interacting with over the years...

Crina Vechiu -Transformational Life Coach

Having a strong belief in the quote: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, with perfect synchronicity, Abe Brown appeared into my life. His knowledge, wisdom and high professional skills ignited a flame inside me already waiting to be called for to take action. Over 3 months of diligent coaching, high clarity questions and intentions, the true answers are revealed and are manifested in my professional life. Thank you, coach, for inspiring me to step with confidence into the next level of success. Thank you, coach, for your tremendous patience and priceless friendship.

Julie Turner - Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Coach/ Trainer

When I think back to who I was and what I was doing with my life when I met Abe...I don't even recognize that person.

I am so grateful to a friend for inviting me that weekend.
My eyes truly began to open during the CCF course and have been getting wider and wider everyday since.
My move to the coast was a huge catalyst for some of the big changes that I have gone through but when traced back, it all began with Abe's course.
I remember thinking..."I wont use this for anything but it can't hurt to learn something new".
Within 5 min I felt like he was really speaking my language and I was in the right place.
That was 4 years ago and I'm so grateful.

Franco Manna - Direct Response Media Group Marketing Consultant

I learned a lot about myself and the capabilities that I may have, while taking this course from Abe Brown. I found Abe Brown to be very passionate and very knowledgeable about his coaching business training. If you’re thinking about taking this course you’re on the right path. The tools and skills I received from this course will help me in my business forever. I also read the book Abe Brown wrote. Keeping all the great information at my fingertips while running my business. Thank you so much Abe. Have a great year.

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